Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
MSc (with honors) Dissertation
(University of Dundee)

Role | 3d scanning, modelling, texturing and animation of two 19th century midwivery dolls, to add to the Royal College of Physicians online collection.

The project included the completion and design of a 122-page written dissertation and companion website (links below) with additional historical information about the museum pieces.

The entire project (including animation, book and website and an exhibit of the same) was completed in three months, and received an award for ‘best exhibition’ and was given a mark of A1 with honors.

This was my first complete project working with digital 3D visualisation  and animation.

Software | (for animation) Autodesk Maya | Zbrush | Adobe AfterEffects | 3d scanning technology | Geomagic Freeform digital 3d haptic modelling software
(for book): Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign
(for website programming): WordPress

Link to animation & companion website

Link to entire MSc dissertation book

(click to enlarge) Process pictures of the original museum pieces, the 3D scans, neo-natal skulls scanned, modelled and textured, and the completed digital dolls with wireframes and skulls.