teaching and workshops

2022 | ‘anarchic scribbles with ballpoint pen: a drawing workshop and ode to the bicycle’ | Freilauf Fahrrad Festival (Berlin)
2019 | ‘a Dialect of Images: Examining the translation of text to comic in an adaption of Kafka’ (seminar workshop leader) | Freie university (Berlin)
2018 | ‘Sisyphus in graphic narrative and the academy: building bridges between practise and theory in artistic research’ | Drawing Yourself In and Out of It: 2nd International Comics Conference | speaker. | (Amsterdam)
2018 | ‘Constructing Space, Building Place: Topographies of Comics and Visual Narration’ poster presentation University of Cologne (DE)
2018 | ‘Illustrating and illuminating the space between process and product in graphic narratives’ | Graphic Medicine conference | Center for Cartoon Studies (White River Junction, Vermont, USA)
2017 | Sketching in Practise Symposium | workshop leader Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, CA)
2017 | ‘An Alphabet of Peripatetic Lines: on reading (and ‘writing’) wordless stories‘ (workshop leader) Graphic Medicine conference (Seattle, USA)
2017 | Sociological Review Foundation Graphic Novel Workshop Manchester Digital Laboratory (UK)
2017 | ‘Understanding wordless comics’ | Anatomy of the Image conference speaker | Monash university (Melbourne, AUS)
2016 | Transitions: New directions in Comic Studies | workshop leader University of London | Birbeck College | (London, UK)
2016 | Pathography and Graphic Medicine: The Genres of Pathographics workshop | Freie university (Berlin)
2009 | ‘No Rules, No Budget, All Fun! How and why you should make comics’ invited panelist | Word on the Street literature festival (Toronto)
2007 | Nuit Blanche “Graphic Novel Cabaret” (event organized by the Toronto Public Library and the Beguiling) | invited panelist (Toronto)
2007 | Art Gallery of York University and “The Spot” community centre workshop (leader) in DIY, small press, comics and book-making (Toronto)


awards and scholarships

2017 | Sociological Review Foundation | travel bursary & graphic novel Workshop | Manchester Digital Laboratory (UK)
2015 | Autodesk Pier 9 Artist-in-Residence program (San Francisco, USA)
2012 | Best Exhibit (dissertation work) | University of Dundee (Scotland)
2011 | Institute of Medical Illustrators | student scholarship
2011 | Institute of Medical Illustrators | Pat Turnbull travel award (UK)
2009 | Ontario Arts Council | exhibition assistance grant (CA)
2008 | Xeric Foundation | self-publishing assistance grant (USA)
2008 | Ontario Arts Council | emerging artist grant (CA)
2005 | Book Publishers’ Professionals Association | scholarship (CA)