writing (non-academic)

2022 | Packing it In: the hipsters’ guide to hitting the road with two wheels and dreams of a better kind of holiday | self published

2020 | Goethe Institut | Books First | literature reviews of German language graphic novels

2015 | Autodesk Pier 9 | Artist-in-Residence Program | San Francisco USA
Role: Content creation for www.instructables.com
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writing (academic publications)

From 2016-2021 Stefanie was a part-time research associate for the PathoGraphics project at the Freie University in Berlin. Her research was in large part practise-based (writing and drawing), with a particular focus on visual communications and narrative within the field of medicine and patient information and experience. (click images below for writing samples [pdf format])

In 2018 she was accepted as a PhD candidate in Media Studies at the University of Cologne but decided after a year to discontinue the program due to the limitations on practise-based work imposed by theoretical research mandates there. She remained with the PathoGraphics project however for the (maximal) duration of two funding periods until March 2021.

2021 |
Anatomy of the Medical Image (contributor) | Brill press
2020 | PathoGraphics: Narrative, Aesthetics, Contention, Community | interview and comic | Penn State university press
2012 | Two Obstetric Dolls and Dr. Smellie’s Mechanical Labour Device | MSc Dissertation | University of Dundee

translation work (DE>eng)

2023 | Literary Colloquium Berlin (DE)
DE>ENG translator for 24-Hour Comic Event exhibition catalogue

2023 | Neurotitan Galerie Berlin (DE)
DE>ENG translator for signage and materials for the exhibition “4 Jahre 24-Stunden Comic am Wannsee”

2015-2017 | CIEE | Council on International Language Exchange (Berlin)
DE>ENG interpreter for exchange students’ educational tours and excursions

2014-2017 | Luzerne Symphony Orchestra (CH)
DE>ENG translation | annual reports

2013-2020 | Fumetto Comic Festival (CH)
DE>ENG translation | festival catalogue and online marketing texts